The instant success of the Ford Maverick seems to have raised legitimate questions among the competition. Stellantis’ pickup truck brand, Ram, would now like to enter the ball rolling with an all-new rival that was meant to be aimed solely at the South American market.

According to The Drive website citing an inside source, the Ram Rampage will eventually be offered in North America. This compact pickup truck whose monocoque chassis should be shared with that of the Jeep Compass would be unveiled in its North American form later this year. The information was obtained after a few Rampage prototypes covered in camouflage suits were seen on Colorado roads.

For the moment, no technical details are obviously available. Marketing the pickup truck in North America would make sense given both its potential for popularity as well as the lower development costs ensured by sharing components with existing models.

More affordable, frugal and maneuverable, these compact pickups seem much more reasonable for many buyers who do not necessarily want to tow huge loads.