Hurricane Danielle is approaching the French coast, and if it will not have anything tropical on its arrival, it will not be without consequences for the weather. What is the expected development this week? We asked the question to Régis Crépet, meteorologist for La Chaîne Météo. Maintenance.

Regis Crepet. Its approach towards France is very slow, it does not represent a threat. There will be no hurricane in France. We speak of an ex-hurricane because it retrogrades into a simple usual depression, it turns into a completely classic depression for the northern hemisphere. She will be heading for the open Atlantic for the start of the week, far off the Bay of Biscay. The wind is going to blow to the south, that’s what happens with every depression.

Effect number 1 is a heat peak from Sunday in the southwest, then Monday throughout France. It will be short but intense, we will approach some heat records on Sunday afternoon and Monday due to the wind which will come up from the south.

But the weather will also turn stormy on Tuesday, it is a classic but marked consequence of this type of depression. The thunderstorms are again likely to be violent too, due to a very conflicting relationship at the level of the air masses.

Only here it is: another bad weather is heading towards France, storm Earl…

Regis Crepet. This is another hurricane that formed earlier this week in the northern Caribbean. This is to be expected as it is hurricane season there. Currently, it is going back to Bermuda. Over the days, next week, this hurricane will also move up towards the North Atlantic and it too could take the same path as Danielle… That is to say, go up from the North Atlantic, if weaken in turn, follow the same trajectory just behind Danielle, and die at the end of next week. Ex-hurricanes that follow one another, it’s quite classic.

Regis Crepet. To date, the reliability is very low, but there are two scenarios. Either Storm Earl follows the same path as Hurricane Danielle, which re-forms a new heat spike and stormy degradation. Either it does not arrive off the Atlantic in the European coasts, and there it is without consequence on France, the storm would pass completely unnoticed.

According to some media, Storm Earl could be “swallowed up” by Hurricane Danielle. What consequences?

Regis Crepet. It’s actually a shortcut, because it doesn’t mean anything. This would mean the two lows merging, creating a large low pressure system with multiple cores, hence the picture saying Danielle swallowed Earl.

In this case, this will not happen, according to the latest models it would remain two independent systems with two to three days of shift at the rear but very independent.

These phenomena are completely normal for the season, it is also normal for old hurricanes to head north, sometimes towards the United States, sometimes towards Western Europe… normal.