Sophie Marceau hot at 55: the star caused a sensation at the Angoulême Festival


Flagship face of the seventh art, Sophie Marceau has made a comeback in front of the public. Three months after her incredible climb of the steps at the Cannes Film Festival, the famous actress was invited to the 15th edition of the Angoulême French Film Festival. Coming to present Une femme de notre temps by director Jean-Paul Civeyrac, she made a remarkable appearance in front of the photographers.

As soon as she arrived in the Charente capital, Sophie Marceau appeared in front of the public where she was going to the restaurant Les Jardins des Arceaux, according to the images of our colleagues from Sud-Ouest. Hidden behind her sunglasses, the 50-year-old star was dressed in a red top, blue jacket and jeans when she appeared in front of the fans. The opportunity for her to sign autographs, take selfies and exchange a few words with her admirers.

Later in the day, the famous actress appeared hotter than ever during the photocall in front of the photographers. From the top of her pumps, Sophie Marceau opted for a tricolor and silver jumpsuit while parading with a small handbag on the blue carpet of the event. An incredible outfit that the star was able to highlight, revealing her generous neckline under the flashes.

A media appearance for the star of La Boum, still popular with the public in France. “I’ve been making movies for forty years. We grew up together,” she says in the pages of Ouest-France. “Perhaps people also appreciate that I don’t do pirouettes to please. Besides, I don’t know what people like.”

However, the icon of French cinema has not finished talking about her. “I like to disturb. You never know what can happen to us tomorrow. Let’s not be afraid to face things. Life is worth it. We only have one”, observes the one who has experienced a clothing incident when he came to Cannes in 2005. More fear than harm in Angoulême, this time, because his style won all the votes. The proof in pictures in our slideshow.