The sublime host Sophie Davant was married to journalist Pierre Sled for several years. More in love than ever, they became parents of two children: Nicolas, born July 24, 1993 and Valentine, born November 27, 1995. Against all odds, the couple will announce their divorce in 2012.

The star of France 2 confided in their breakup in his book It’s time to choose his life. “It was because I had fallen in love with another man that I realized that my relationship with Pierre was at the end of its rope. I was ‘sentimentally available'”, she wrote and to add: “Although I was passionately in love, the guilt and sadness of questioning the balance that Pierre and I had built for more than twenty years weighed on me”.

This is not the first time that Sophie Davant has confided in her love life. In an interview with Gala, the star of Affaire concluded said: “After twenty-three years, this separation, even chosen in common, was painful (…) I left because we couldn’t to really find each other. I was no longer in tune with what we were going through. (…) It is, of course, complicated and painful to mourn such a long relationship, we feel a lot of guilt for not having known how to grow old together”.

Since then, Sophie Davant has remained very discreet about her romances. According to Closer, the facilitator would be in a relationship with his colleague William Leymergie. Information that has never been confirmed by the main interested parties.

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