We thought the case buried, the character forgotten. But it is without counting on the intransigence of justice. Last September, the former champion of the 12 noon shots, Christian Quesada, sentenced in 2020 for corruption of minors and possession of child pornography images, returned to prison.

He was finally released a few days ago, after a three-week stay in the isolation section of Perpignan prison.

Chance of the calendar, Christian Quesada is also the subject of a new documentary, broadcast Thursday October 27 on C8, and entitled “Christian Quesada comes out of silence”.

The format, produced by H2O and Genton Productions, looks back on the Quesada affair with, “New damning testimonies and new, barely believable elements”, assures the channel, which explains that “Christian Quesada himself contacted the production and spoke in a fully recorded interview lasting several hours”.

By telephone, the 58-year-old former candidate returned to his version of the facts, and confided in how the case had changed his life.

“He denounced a media lynching from everyone, not just us. He spoke to us for an hour and a half. (…) I said to myself that the guy wants to be exposed no matter what”, told the producer of the documentary, Guillaume Genton, at Puremédias.

Only, for Christian Quesada’s lawyer, whom Planet was able to question, his client was “trapped”: he was not aware that the telephone interview was being recorded.

“In January 2022, Mr. Quesada contacted a production person, whom he had kept in touch with, because he had heard of a documentary in preparation and he feared that new rumors would be spread, specifies Me Philippe Capsié. The idea was to leave him alone. But obviously, this conversation lasted, first of all, and then it was recorded without his knowledge, he tells me, and this recording gives rise to a new program that would have happened.

The production company, however, guaranteed Me Capsié a right of reply, if necessary, the day after the broadcast of the program.

Today, Christian Quesada wants above all to find work, tells us his advice.

After serving his sentence, the former champion had taken up residence in the Pyrénées-Orientales in March 2021. But over the months, faced with the difficulty of the job market, he would have ended up getting discouraged. A lack of enthusiasm which led the sentence enforcement judge to rule on his temporary reincarceration last month.

“He is a man who marks, indisputably. He has real intelligence, great knowledge and a rather exceptional ability to reason. But he has this life which is made up of very highs and very lows, which also characterizes him. But when we have this intellectual position there, we must be able to revive easily”, hopes his lawyer Me Philippe Capsié.