Gabriel Attal, announced it, the government now wishes to tackle social fraud. “The Court of Auditors has estimated, overall, between 6 and 8 billion euros per year all social fraud. We must act, because social fraud, like tax evasion, is a form of hidden tax on the French who work”, he thus declared in the columns of Parisian.

“For five years, our adjustments have increased by 35%. This is clear progress, but our ambitions are even greater. We are going to create a thousand additional jobs in the five-year period to fight against social fraud and invest 1 billion euros in information systems, in particular to better cross-check data. This is a ten-year project for which I have set a first stage: in 2027, we will have twice as many results as in 2022. We would approach 3 billion euros adjusted,” he added.

For this, the Minister Delegate in charge of Public Accounts wishes to focus his action on several axes. First of all, RSA fraud will be a major subject since it is estimated at 1.2 billion euros per year according to the former government spokesperson.

To receive family allowances, the minimum old age or even the APL, it will now be necessary to reside at least nine months in France per year. Until now, this limit was set at 6 months for the first two and 8 months for APLs.

In his interview with the Ile-de-France daily, Gabriel Attal also clarified his desire to control pensions abroad more.

About 1.2 million French retirees live abroad. “More than half of them are in countries of the European Union with which we have an automatic exchange of civil status, indicated the Minister for Action and Public Accounts. When a person dies, we are immediately informed and we can suspend pension rights. There is almost no risk in these countries, “said the minister on BFMTV and RMC.

On the other hand, according to Gabriel Attal, the problem of fraud lies more in countries outside the European Union, in countries where the exchange of information is weaker. “We sent controllers to Algiers to shed light on this subject. Out of 1,000 ‘almost centenarian’ retirees, 300 non-compliant files were identified.”, he explained to the Parisian, specifying that he “does not it is not a question of stigmatizing, nor of instrumentalizing, but of shedding light on a situation”. But concretely, how will these controls be implemented?

“We are going to launch a control program on retirees who reside in foreign countries with which we do not have an automatic exchange of civil status and who are over 85 years old because that is the age from which we believes that there may be non-compliant cases”, announced Gabriel Attal facing Apolline de Malherbe.

“In concrete terms, this will go through appointments set in the consulates or local banks with which we work. But also biometrics, thanks to the launch of a facial recognition application which will make it possible to recognize the person. he thus explained in the columns of the Parisian. This measure should be adopted by decree by this summer.