As reminds us, “some of the world’s most famous treasure hunts have taken years to solve, and the Golden Owl, launched in 1993, turns 30 this April without having yet been resolved”. However, this does not prevent the launch of new treasure hunts each year in France. Find, in our slideshow below, the list of some treasure hunts that can pay you big.

France is a big fan of treasure hunts. Indeed, with nearly 300,000 treasure hunters, France is one of the countries where these enigmas work like thunder. Participating in a treasure hunt is not only a way to discover the treasure in question, but it is also a way to better understand ourselves and realize who we are. Indeed, it is during this quest, where we surprise ourselves to overcome and succeed the obstacles put in our way, that we learn what we are capable of.

Whether done alone or in a group, treasure hunting is a way to learn to organize ourselves better, to manage our time, to work on our memory, and above all to learn to keep your cool. The keys to a successful treasure hunt are mainly qualities that you have to know how to develop, such as perseverance, for example. More or less easy, and with different jackpots to be won, discover some of the treasure hunts that can pay you big in our slideshow below.