2021 instead of 2020 – So he runs for the good ZweckEr marathon runner, and 37 – forever Tadesse Abraham is not so. The aim of Tokyo, he wants to change anything, although now practically the whole season fails.Jörg Greb0 comment Tadesse Abraham wants to be in 2021 even hungrier than 2020. To the resignation, he never thought.Photo: Jean-Christophe Bott (Keystone)

The year the focus is gone. 9. August, which should have been the big day of Tadesse Abraham, has no meaning. The final day of the Olympic games in Tokyo, it was originally, the day with the men’s Marathon. The Corona-induced shift of Olympia a year has not stopped yet by the way. Abraham says: “Much has been cancelled, my career goes.”

Just: how? Abraham is, after all, already 37 years of age. This is Unfortunate, Drastic, Difficult, has, Marathon, Olympic seventh of 2016, half marathon-European champion and Swiss record-holder. But not for long. Although the Situation calls for. But he says himself: “by The Unalterable, I can’t shake.”

Rapidly succeeded Abraham, a further strength play in addition to the endurance Run: the positive Thinking. Instead of using the age factor – his power curve are likely to show longer, the less up – he deals with the possible advantages. Abraham says: “In an Olympic marathon, the experience is often the decisive factor.” And experience he will gain this extra year, he is convinced that: “Unique experience.”

For other

run taken From the last three months, Tadesse Abraham has a lot of. The cancellation of the training camp in Ethiopia, the Write off of the spring marathons in Vienna, the Ticking of Olympia, EM, and probably also of a large city marathons in the fall, have him leave behind questions. But: “Surrender is not an Option. The thought of withdrawal was not given it.” Rather, he said quickly: “Now I want to get the most out of this time at home in Geneva with the family and all that is in this year, the Best.”

In April he had his “engine down”, he says, similar to how he would have done it after the Vienna Marathon. He then began according to the plans of his longtime Coaches, Urs Zenger from the LC type is dosed in the reconstruction. Often he was alone on the road, but also accompanied by training partners from Stade Genève. To loosen up, he rode in mid-may, a charity run, around 6000 francs, he ran so in favor of humanitarian projects in Eritrea, Ethiopia and Switzerland. “Such a special highlights are doing well at this time,” he says. His 30-mile time (1:34:31 hours) has provided a clue about the Constitution. The railway training center this week, as well as the participation in the “OneMillionRun” from the next weekend to do this. Abraham then runs like any other athlete with the entire Swiss-run scene of the arrest:

with Its current Constitution, referred to Abraham as “not top, but not bad”. For the Moment this realization is enough for him. Also, the uncertainty regarding “real competitions” he met with Serenity. He says: “I am not going to enumerate the disadvantages than the advantages acknowledge.” As one of these advantages he sees “eliminating Stress” and think of the short recovery time in the start time of the Competition. “Compromises, as I’m in a Non-Corona-have always made, are falling away now.”

2021 instead of 2020? “Don’t care”

The possibility to treat the body more recovery time, he wants to use – in the Know, “that it calls for enormous, always stick with it”. Will be wearing it with additional components, such as: to be a role model for Amateur runners and young talent, the health, the Chance to win of mental strength.

And a stressed Tadesse Abraham: “The huge anticipation for the Olympic accompanies me now, just a year longer, for me it is completely no matter, whether it is Tokyo 2020 and Tokyo in 2021.” Is accompanied by this feeling of an additional hope: “Maybe I’m in better shape and hungrier.”

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