The joke of the week comes, exceptionally, not by Boris Johnson, but by the Russian foreign Minister Lavrov. He recalled on the occasion of the Kerch crisis in the Ukraine because of international law of all States, to respect the sovereignty of other States. The guy is really worth every ruble he can get.

Berthold Kohler


F. A. Z.

mindful of the incredible attention, the Moscow shows for years before the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine, especially in Crimea and in the East of the neighbouring country, we would need to fully understand if the Russian would be outside, escaped the propaganda Minister in such a admonition of Kiev in wieherndes laughter. In Lawrows face but an eyelash, not even flinch. The only humorist to create with the utmost self-control, or pure cynics with decades of experience.

“Let’s get Angela to include”

We have in the West, only a single politician to such chutzpah is capable of. But now that it is serious, calls Trump after mom. “Let’s get Angela to involve,” he told the New York Times, Trump usually so enthused by the Chancellor. But now the Need seems to be as Trumps, shows a double break with its practice, to be great in the White house. Such a call for help from the Anglo-American world, we believe to have in any case no longer perceived, since it was called the boxer rebellion: “Germans to the front!”

But send ships of war, as the Ukrainian President wants that, is not in there, because with high probability, that the administrative judge prevented our diesel powered fleet, due to high nitrogen oxide emissions at the leak – if we had capable ships could reach the sea of Azov. Even our E-boats (formerly U-boats) are only an ornament of our ports. And so we want to impress the Russians? Our just floating units are barely bigger than the three Bonsai barges, which Kiev wanted to send the Russians even scaled-down eye of the needle of Kerch. Yes, we’d still have the “Bismarck”! Then Moscow could justifiably speak of a provocation.

But our true strength, because Trump is right, is to Convey for decades. Anyway, as an honest Broker, Merkel is fully in the Tradition of the Iron Chancellor. But who is going to come one day follow in their footsteps as the new/r mediator/in? In the case of one who shows great ambitions, at least in the long term, we have our doubts. Olaf Scholz managed not even to convey to the French that they share their seat in the UN security Council with us, and so that the will not be noticed, in “European” to rename.

Because the moved high in Paris is quite nice eyebrows: A nuclear a nuclear did not make anything square, not even a functioning government aircraft, although the will only be driven conventionally to power? And not once, such as France, a single aircraft carrier?