Why does man need to Detoxtee, Goji berries and Chiapudding a Superfood cook-book? Because Marina Zeisler, Alexander Lier and Joseph Teips with “Superfood Asisstant” posted a collection of good vegan recipes, and a smart greenhouse, and an App developed. The main characters are sprouts in this – germinated seeds, which have a high nutrient content and is particularly rich in protein.

Theresa White


F. A. Z.

The three co-founders, based in Aalen in Baden-Württemberg are in their thirties and living on a diet of plants. “You gone eat my food the food!”, “Come on, I’ll go mow the lawn, you will also get what”– you know the jokes, all of them. Is you but no matter. Alexander Lier told that he had a chronic bowel disease that has plagued him since he eats vegetable. For Josef Teips no longer was it possible to eat meat and animal products, because of the mass animal husbandry. Marina Zeisler it went as well. You think your diet is healthy, ethical – but not to accomplish, unfortunately, is quite simple. Who wants to eat protein from sprouts, must be handled with germ glasses, soaking hours, mold fight. To put an end to, founded, you, 2015, the Start-up “Cell Garden”.

nuts, legumes and seeds

In a box that you have constructed by a 3D printer, breed them since then, “micro greens”. In the greenhouse you put a Pad made from sugar cane fiber with seeds and fills water in a Tank. Soak, Light, and casting the device. It is connected to by the App with a nutrition plan and a recipe database. The user chooses which dishes he wants to cook. Pumpkin soup with sprouted beans, buckwheat sprouts salad, Pizza from oat sprouts, for example. On three floors there are six different nuts, sleeve can sprout fruits and seeds. The App automatically selects which will be used for the recipe, and which Pads are to be inserted. The greenhouse provides the rungs to the desired day.