There is now a new enemy of the skin. While it has been sensitised in the past 30 years, in the course of countless awareness campaigns of the harmful effects of the sunlight and the sun was protection, as a set, it will be the pollution of the environment. Wrinkles, blemishes, pigment spots and a dull complexion can be therefore used not only to harmful UV rays, but also allegedly to fine dust from car exhaust, industrial emissions, Smog, and smoke.

The microscopic Smog, dust and soot particles could enter, therefore, into the pores. Studies have also shown that long-term exposure to pollution, similar to sun light, generating free radicals that attack our skin. “By any normal metabolic process, the aggressive molecules in our organism, referred to as oxygen radicals,” says Volker Steinkraus, is the founder of the Dermatologikums Hamburg. “The formation of these oxygen radicals is exacerbated by sun, Smoking, poor diet, lack of sleep and Stress.” In contrast, good molecules” that can these oxygen radicals deactivate stood”. “Vitamins such as A, C, E, Q10,” says the dermatologist. Many of these radical scavengers, the body restores itself.

The power of antioxidants

How much outside help can be in the Form of food or a care product for the skin, so, at all? Susanne Kaufmann, the founder of the eponymous cosmetics brand and owner of a hotel that it operates in a place where the air is good, in the Bregenz forest, is convinced of Vitamin C. It is one of the most effective antioxidants, the skin from free Radical damage caused by environmental pollution, Sagittarius, by eliminating the inflammatory processes: “Vitamin C stimulates the skin’s own defenses, and the detoxification pathways of the skin.” The high-dose Vitamin C, ectoine and Q10 serums of your five to ten day regimen of three-coordinated drug ampoules the skin to protect the body’s own repair mechanisms boost.

the Susanne Kaufmann is not the only one with your Pollution Skin Defence System and the stressed city skin. Also, Caudalie relies on the power of antioxidants. Your Vineactiv product line was developed in collaboration with Jean Krutmann from the Leibniz research Institute for Environmental medicine in Düsseldorf, Germany. In a long-term study has Krutmann proved that air pollution of the skin favors damage and not only wrinkles but also brown spots can cause. A composition of wine grape polyphenols and spruce extract in the products the skin is designed to protect. And Nivea is launching a whole series of Urban-Skin-products. “Not only environmental influences such as fine particles of dust, nitrogen and sulfur oxides, ozone, and ultraviolet radiation burden on the skin,” says Jessica shepherd, which is responsible for the product development in the area of face care at Nivea in charge. “Air-conditioned rooms dry. The on-screen work is HEV light a blue-violet light with wavelengths of around 430 nm is exposed.“ This could lead, as well as lack of sleep, increased oxidative Stress and premature aging of the skin and impurities to promote.

The good news: You don’t need to eliminate his entire bathroom Cabinet for products to be launched in the sense of this trend. Because technically, all the care to protect products with antioxidants against environmental pollution, even if they are not advertised explicitly. “Anti-Pollution Activities are in the Trend of the time, but not more important than 50 years ago,” says the dermatologist Volker Steinkraus from Hamburg. “In the past, the topic could not be taught but so striking.”

Want to mean: the environment has long been a Synonym for Eco and, therefore, not something people wanted to be associated as a manufacturer of luxurious products. But among younger people, the topic Ekes out a niche existence, but in the case of consumption decisions, are becoming an important factor. Your own body also more and more of them than the temple, harmful environmental influences, it keep.