Only the small parties in the state of Hesse have in the past twelve months, more members look forward to. Green, AfD, FDP and Left together about 1600 new members more, as a leaked or died. It is different in the case of the people’s parties SPD and CDU: they recorded together, a loss of 2342 members.

the Especially the SPD was shaken. She has lost in the last twelve months, 1467 members. According to the spokesman Christoph Gehring had on 1. December of this year 50.975 Hesse a red party book. In the South of Hesse, the number of members decreased to 877 on 33,672, in the North of Hesse to 590 on 17.303. The reasons for the decline in membership – and whether this is related to the end of the hype of the top candidate Martin Schulz prior to the election to the Bundestag 2017, not remained open, since the SPD expressed.

good 38.000 CDU-members

The Hesse Christian Democrats were able to present in December 2017 38.009 heads. Until December of this year, the party lost 875 members, so that now 37 134 Hesse CDU member, as Vice-spokesperson of Deliah Eckhardt said. “The number of our members remained in the comparison to the end of last year, are relatively constant. After we were able to achieve in the year 2017, more than departures, is a slight Trend visible that more people are interested in active participation in politics,“ said CDU General Secretary Manfred Pentz.

Great joy in the Green. “We have added in the past year, 670 new members and are at the beginning of December 5959 Green in Hesse – as much as never before”, stated the co-chairs Angela Dorn and Kai Klose. The two leaders assumes that people are interested in the substantive positions of the green party. “We know that the state election was a decision between a policy of moderation and reason, and politics from populism and propaganda,” declared Dorn, and Klose. Many new Green wanted to make as members of the attacks of the right-wing populist democracy.

“The FDP is back,” said group spokesman André Uzulis and added: “We have made a good campaign, therefore, the party for many of Hesse has become attractive again.” Within one year, 191 people have joined. On 1. December included the liberal 6288 members. In addition, 146 contender in the shooting were procedure.

a Good 220 Left has grown more

The still-young country Association of the AfD within a year to more than 22 percent. According to information of spokesman Robert Lambrou, the party was at 1. December 2017, exactly 2319 members. On 1. December of this year were 2840 Hesse, an increase of 521. Who wants to join the AfD, an interview and a sample month to complete. Currently, 121 Hesse are, according to Lambrou in the recording process. In addition, 340 applications for admission were met.