Beernem –

the exceptional man from torhout Provides you Stael it blew up today, 108 years old from. The man, who, in 2012, in the nursing home Rusterloo in Beernem are staying, since the beginning of april last year, the oldest is a male Belgian citizen. The delegations of the Beernemse city council came up with the brave man’s achievement.

Maurice Stael, was on september 25, 1911 in Torhout, was born in a family of eleven children. His parents were farmers, and ran excavations in addition to inn The Deer out, near the castle of Wijnendale. Together with his wife, Mary Devooght, which, in 1941, married, in charge of Maurice, a ten-year-old farm. However, beginning in the mid-fifties, said of the couple’s livestock and agricultural production good-bye, and they went to in Bruges, in the Torhoutse city centre, with a trade-in sewing machines. The retail shop is still it is now located in the rue du midi, and is owned and run by Dries Stael, and the grandson of Maurice. Maria, with whom Maurice had four children by him, died in 2003 at the age of 92, and in 2012, moved the Synod to the sheltered housing Rusterloo in Beernem.

What is the secret of his longevity? “Each and every day, have a glass of horse milk to drink. Quite expensive, but it is very, very healthy”, he said to her one day about it. Today it has been Selected from, not a lot of zegs and more. Not surprisingly, in view of his advanced age. Steps to succeed in and also are the eyes and ears and it is up to par. To his eternal soldatenpet, and many of the oorlogsmedailles it in his pocket, speldde was Selected as a notable figure in Torhout. The medals have heard, however, is mainly attributed to his late brother, Rene. Was Selected in 1939 and was mobilized and took part in the eighteen-day War. “As veterans of the Second world War, my father worked very hard, used to mark the centenary of the war,” said the son in French Stael (74), which, in 1974, the shop of his father, took over the role, and that, in 2016, in his turn, left it to son, one Daughter. “As a proud exceptional man from torhout, is he still living at his old address in the City.”

As He Leclercq of De Haan, in april, 2018 and died, has been Selected Stael, the oldest man in the country.