The call of the Pope, all the child molesters in cassock and want to convert, the state of justice and on the divine justice is preparing, not without a certain humour. How many Church people held a fear of the divine justice, or the fear of government prosecution, ever, for the offender, God alone knows.

Certainly is not only that it is the Church’s justice – or what was spent as such. It will change as soon nothing. The Church’s criminal law maintains the elementary requirements of due process of law was not, moreover, savvy Church are exotics lawyers in most countries of the world is nigh.

in the face of a (Un)culture of impunity, in the shadow of any kind could flourish, to see the state of the duty, is in the basic grotesque abuse – especially as it looks like in many regions of the world in terms of the rule of law better than in the Church. Even in this country, the judicial power – see also the case of Tebartz-van Elst – up today, sometimes a slender foot.