Disappointed that her big brother is not spending the holidays at the cabin with her and her parents, Emma fears she will be bored for the next three weeks. The meeting of the young Loïc will make him experience a host of emotions, some pleasant, others less. Adapted from a novel by Catherine Girard-Audet, this beautifully illustrated comic is about first love, friendship and the joys of summer evenings.

A week at summer camp should be fun, right? Unfortunately for Adele, things don’t go as planned on the first day: she’s not in the same dorm as her sister, her monitor scares her and the boys in her group are rowdy. And this is, alas, only the beginning… Like the other titles of the new “Zèbre à roulottes” collection, this short novel is embellished with little games, such as funny quizzes or mazes. What a great idea!

Emile is really lucky. This summer, he and his little brother Leo will be attending a soccer camp… in Barcelona! The 12-year-old can’t believe he’ll be putting on his boots in his favorite team’s city. The camp will be demanding but will allow him to meet a certain Paulina. Through Émile’s story, we discover a wealth of information on the architecture, history and gastronomy of the Catalan capital. You don’t have to be a soccer fan to devour this wanderlust novel.

This is not the first time that Sophie Faucher and Cara Carmina have explored the world of Frida Kahlo. In this new album, the author and actress imagined the famous painter on a trip to Gaspésie. Accompanied by her young correspondent Claudine, little Frida admires Percé Rock, fishes for mackerel, meets La Bolduc and learns a host of Quebec expressions. She even observes an aurora borealis, represented in the book by a glow-in-the-dark page.

It is with a feeling of joy and peace that a young violinist returns to the Saint-Alex music camp again this summer. “My heart is calming down. He is at home,” the heroine asserts upon her arrival. In this poetic novel, we follow the musician in her daily activities while witnessing her questions. “What’s it like to rehearse for an eternity if you don’t want to make a job out of it?” she asks herself. The answer she discovers is luminous.

We really like the collection “My docus to take away” which invites children to discover the nature of Quebec. Two new titles have recently appeared, including one on insects. How to tell bee, bumblebee and wasp apart? Why is the praying mantis so called? What characterizes the Japanese beetle? Through his reading, the amateur entomologist will find answers to all these questions. A book that will certainly accompany him on his next excursion in the forest to better spot butterflies, ants and company.