The Théâtre Advienne that will be able to present these days in Repentigny an acrobatic theatrical fable of infinite sweetness. A play directed by Frédéric Bélanger, designed with circus artist Émilie Émiroglou.

Paperplane opens with a short monologue evoking the loss of a loved one… The sequel is a kind of long journey through time in order to celebrate his life. The life. Because time flies… And in a snap of the fingers, you come out of your house with your feet first. Better to take advantage of it. Of which act.

There is a lot of sweetness and poetry in this acrobatic piece fed by the music. Original musical pieces performed on stage by Sarah Leblanc-Gosselin – on the piano –, but also by the circus artists themselves – notably on the violin and the guitar.

Among the performers, note the presence of Evelyne Laforest and Stéphane Gentilini, who both worked closely with the Swiss-Italian director Daniele Finzi Pasca – Nebbia, La verità, Per te, Donka. We also find in Paperplane the poetic touch and the sensitivity of Finzi Pasca. A beautiful legacy (conscious or not) that they carry within them.

On stage, small pieces of paper twirl around. We’ll make planes out of them. Among others. A beautiful image of the ephemeral nature of our passage on earth.

Yes, our eight actor-acrobats skilfully lead us into these existential reflections with this Paperplane which hovers gently, without turbulence, towards unknown destinations.

And even if, like my neighbor on the right, you don’t seem to understand everything, it’s no more serious, you can tell your own story, the material is abundant.

Several numbers fit perfectly into this open narrative framework where, ultimately, the creators obviously invite us to live in the present moment. Whether it’s Katarína Sobinkovičova’s magnificent hoop act, Bobby Cookson’s Cyr wheel act, Augustin Rodriguez’s straps or Samuel Charlton and Myriam Deraiche’s hand-to-hand duet.

A more humorous segment features a baseball team, a somewhat left-field (scuse her), but rather entertaining tableau, which is the source of some very good acrobatic flashes – the stick juggler, the base stealer, etc.

Finally, a very beautiful number on this time which passes stages a couple – aging in accelerated – in the decor of a station or an airport, places par excellence of all arrivals and all departures. The jubilant finale shows us all juggling pieces of clothing taken out of a suitcase. Other beautiful images for a story to tell.