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“you have to offer gallardamente to the Destination site where you can wound us”. The phrase is “Juan Belmonte, matador de toros” , the great jewel of literature taurine, the work of Chaves Nogales. The thread of the fras and to talk about living “intensely a disgrace and to avoid it, comes into play superstition, “my only superstition true”.

In the world of bullfighting, there are many liturgies, and not a few of the quirks and superstitions, from the colours (“¡lagarto, lagarto!”, to yellow) to the mode of place the montera , or bend a capote. Even there are bullfighters who believe they see two nuns before the bullfighting is a symbol of good bank, while you see a priest represents the bad luck. Others are fleeing from the superstitions: “I’m not superstitious because it brings bad luck”, they say.

In the case of Belmonte, it is a curious anecdote of the old bandages and his servant of swords. So recounts:

“The bullfighter, that against what is believed to be a poor man’s capitulation will, is something that is conducive to bow to everything that serves to give encouragement; hence, the accumulation of superstitions that overwhelm. One day, when I was getting dressed for a run, I noticed that my waiter of stocks placed me in the feet, before socks and roses, a few bandages not very clean. I said:

-Antoñito, take these bandages and give me other cleaner .

I replied:

-Shut up, and let me to me. I know what I do. These bands will give you luck.

When one is preparing to go to the square, and that afternoon was that of Madrid, does not have the courage to take the contrary to superstitious one. It was my famous win 2 may. Antoñito, to take off the suit, saying crazy of joy:

– do you see It? They are the bands good luck!!!!

In the bullfights following I did not dare to refuse the bandages, every day more and more dirty (…) at The a short time a bull of Santa Coloma I empitonó and gave me a goring in the thigh. Bleeding to death, they take me to the infirmary, when I saw my waiter of swords running through the barrier near me, I yelled:

-Antoñito, look to serve your dirty games bandages!”

Well, that, that better not be superstitious, “because it brings bad luck.”

Another Antonio, the Tailor the light , were renegating this winter in the superstitions when it affirmed that, despite the fact that it is not a usual practice, the same outfit that has taken a bullfighter that has gone wrong with the afternoon it can be put back “to remove the bad luck”.

For superstitious, Enrique Berenguer “Blanquet”. Legend has it that Blanquet (1881-1926) was a gift” that was bad luck: when it smelled of wax, the death was near. Same thing happened on the tragic evening of 16 may 1920, when the bull “Dancer” killed Joselito in Talavera de la Reina. They say that the sub smelled like wax melted in the yard gang and warned to José Gómez Ortega that not toreara. The teacher ignored it and came out to the ring: the fifth of the afternoon, the Widow of Ortega, guy and burriciego according to the chronicle of Corrochano , you propinaría a butt deadly.