(Berlin) A judicial investigation has been opened targeting the singer of the German metal band Rammstein, Till Lindemann, accused by several women of sexual assault after concerts and who denies these allegations, the Berlin prosecutor’s office said on Wednesday.

The investigation was opened “for alleged facts in the area of ​​sexual offenses and the distribution of narcotics”, the prosecution told AFP, confirming press reports. Rammstein is the most famous German-speaking band and one of the most famous metal formations in the world.

The prosecution clarifies that “several complaints have been filed by third parties – that is to say people who are not party to the alleged facts”.

The case began at the end of May with the testimony of a 24-year-old Irish woman accusing the singer and lyricist of the group of having drugged and sexually assaulted her after a concert the same month in Lithuania.

Other young women then testified, all describing more or less the same scenario.

The groupies would have been spotted in the front rows of the concerts, filmed or photographed so that Lindemann could make his choice, before for some of them being invited backstage for parties.

Some would then have been drugged before being assaulted by the 60-year-old singer.

The facts described are firmly denied by the artist. “These accusations are invariably false,” his lawyers assured last week. “We will immediately take legal action on all such allegations,” they threaten.

The success of Rammstein – many of whose songs have very raw sexual references – is based in particular on the excessiveness of the concerts, with a lot of pyrotechnics, and the imposing physical presence of Till Lindemann.

The band are currently touring European stadiums. In Austria and Switzerland, calls for boycotts have been launched. He is also due to perform in Paris on July 22. Three concerts are planned in Berlin on July 15, 16 and 18.