Bottlenecks in Frankfurt: waste glass is not disposed of


    inhabitants of Northrend, the see the bottle parade around the glass Container on the Friedberger Landstrasse for the first Time, will wonder about the many empties may only be short. At the latest, but if you have a container locations – for example, at günther castle Avenue and the hall garden road – the same image should be clear, that it is obviously a more fundamental Problem, is that not explain with the Drinking propensity of the local residents.

    Mechthild Harting

    editor in the Rhein-Main-Zeitung.

    F. A. Z.

    For the for the cleanliness in the city responsible Frankfurter Entsorgungs – und Service GmbH is aware of the Problem. The FES is not for the emptying of the glass Container, and the further exploitation of the used glass is responsible, but always return calls on the subject. Numerous citizens have since been reported and complained of, it is, in the urban operation. For almost two weeks, the private disposal company, Remondis, has been engaged by the Dual System with the waste glass disposal of more to come, with the emptying. Disease the company that is involved with 49 percent of the FES was not due to, currently, all of the Container. Instead of the usually three vehicles, which were on a daily basis at around 1100 containers in the city, have Remondis since the beginning of the month, only two cars staff. “And that is not enough,” says a spokesman for the FES.

    So it’ll not rise to accidents with broken bottles and shards of glass on the citizens, get the street cleaning of the FES for almost a week during their tours in the order of Remondis empty bottles to the containers. As of today, it was said yesterday at the FES, in addition, Remondis again with all the vehicles in use. The company has provided additional personnel. In a few days, the bottle mount should be removed therefore, it is hoped in the FES.