new year, New luck. In the winter break can be repaired. At least in football, where the transfer window, despite the cool temperatures and the associated chance of catching a Cold from year to year shall be presented to players, lured by a few bundles of Money, slip through; players with whom it is, if the Ball is rolling again, perhaps upward, away from the table or somewhere else. It’s not enough to open the window. Since money must be to the Wag.

The big clubs have more than enough, you can get it in the times of the Champions League and the big financial investors, and afterwards thrown, that you can barely, pick it up. However, the deeper one goes into the basements of the football business, the more difficult it will be for the clubs down there, hausen. Who is interested in a, we say, English sixth-League club like Blyth from Northumberland, competing against Teams such as FC Darlington or Kidderminster Harriers? No Man? Wrong.

the Blyth interested in, for example, Kim Jong-un, North Korea’s sports-minded dictator, what a little surprised, since Kim Jong-un thinks otherwise rather larger, quasi-nuclear missile dimensions. The Spartans are about as far away as the North Korea of Northumberland, but what the heck, say the British: small livestock manure also needs.

And therefore you have chosen, as the North Korean tourism Portal “Visit North Korea” the money window opened a small gap up and a couple of foreign exchange through pushing for band advertising, Ads on the website of the club and its Social Media channels. Maybe a Trip to the training camp is not included in the Deal, you know. A camp in North Korea. There are some, as you know.