The rise in prices seems impossible to absorb. In July 2022, inflation reached 6.1%, according to provisional data from INSEE.

Earlier in the year, the Institute warned: “Over the next six months, inflation would first continue to rise, reaching 5.9% year on year in June and then just under 7% in September, before stabilizing overall between 6.5% and 7% at the end of the year”.

At the microphone of RTL, the Minister of the Economy indicated that inflation should continue to increase until the end of 2022, but indicated his “good hope” to see it decline by the beginning of 2023.

Among the measures planned by the government to preserve the portfolio of consumers, the revaluation of 4% of retirement pensions. Initially proposed for the payment of the July pension, made on August 9, the revaluation will finally take effect for the payment of the August pension, on September 9…

Rest assured, however: you will not lose the 4% expected in July. The national old-age insurance fund (Cnav), quoted by the légiFiscal site, confirms: “The amount corresponding to the revaluation on the retirement for the month of July will be paid retroactively with the payment of September 9”.

As a reminder, this increase concerns basic retirement and invalidity pensions, namely: the retirement pension, the survivor’s pension, the solidarity allowance for the elderly and the supplementary invalidity allowance.