Astronaut Alexander Gerst are imminent after his return from space, exhausting days. The body of 42-Year-old will have to get used again to the earth– especially to the force of gravity. “The adjustment process takes place at the most within three days. For some it takes a little longer, some shorter,“ said Claudia Stern, head of the Department of Clinical aerospace medicine at the German center for air and space travel (DLR) in Cologne, the German press Agency.

Gerst was returned on Thursday to the earth. Almost 200 days he had spent previously on the International space station ISS in space before he landed in a Soyuz capsule in Kazakhstan. For the 42-Year-old, it was already the second Mission to the Outpost of humanity. On Thursday evening, he flew to Cologne, where Gerst will spend in a medical research facility of the DLR for the night.

In the first few weeks will deal with the Astronaut, now mainly with “Baseline Data Collections”, such as Marco Trovatello, a spokesman for the European astronauts centre in Cologne, said. “Simplifying The repetition of a large number on Board the ISS, said: – conducted scientific and technical experiments,” he added. The goal is to be able to the data and rate comparisons.