At your request, a personalized interview with an advisor from your pension fund can be offered to you at the age of 45. Any insured person who has reached this threshold therefore has the possibility of participating in this process called “Retirement Information Interview” (EIR) when he has pension rights in a French scheme. During this interview, you will be able to inform yourself about the acquisitions made throughout your career. Explanations.

The retirement information interview gives you the ability to take stock in a personalized and free manner of your entire career. It is also recommended to carry out simulations on the amount of your pension and ask all the necessary questions to an expert. It is essential to know your rights within the various mandatory pension schemes, basic and supplementary, but also to see the evolution of these rights. You will thus be able to see how certain moments of your professional life have been taken into account, in particular your periods of training, unemployment, illness or maternity.

Thanks to the retirement information interview, you have the opportunity to estimate the amount of your future retirement by simulations at the legal minimum retirement age. You will also learn at what age you will be able to claim a full pension. This interview will also allow you to obtain information on the different ways of increasing the amount of your pension. The expert you meet will provide you with details on the premium, quarterly redemptions, phased retirement, but also the combination of employment and retirement.