The red carpet, it was Saturday night, not only be rolled out at the film festival of Ostend (belgium). Also, in Versluys’s Arena was one of them, the Standard was a free course for the three points, and a reinforced leadership position of the UNTIL, that it, with the presents put.

in a crowded barn, went to KV Oostende in search of (a temporary leadership position at the Standard. Six of our players were not able to take office. Has you are here: Capon, D’haese, Rajsel, Palaversa, Hjulsager, and, in the extreme, failing Skulason. Ingebrigtsen did this with three players, the first of which are two guys who are not into action and came up with this season. Sane and Ndenbe in the case of evidence, Most of was first to rise. When the Standard was the Amallah will not fit, and started the Section in the position of Vojvoda. Lestienne has returned from suspension. Due to all of those who were absent from the kustjongens had Ingebrigtsen, for a conservative approach, with the five men in the back are chosen. As a result, will not be in a egelstelling, as the match went on from the beginning and get up and down. After a couple of hot positions before He was to Dutoit on the quarter of an hour for the first time, be appropriate to intervene after a fire of Bastien. The postponement of the execution, turned out to be.

with A long ball towards the goal UNTIL it seemed, at first is harmless, due to a clear offside position, but the newcomer Sober and decided to learn to process it, a bad idea occurred to me. The ball is crossed by a cross Limbombe, eventually, to the feet of Lestienne, who wegdraaide and scored from close range. The BULLOCK had been a fat minute to set the stage to assess, but the team just went through. A strike of Ostend seemed to be just sitting on the fence, but it was relatively quickly brought back in after a kopbalgoal of Sakala. He was the principal, with a very zwiep from the right side. The roles seemed to now be turned around: UNTIL pushed out by, the Standard was the bone. Some of the great countermogelijkheden was a He a lead cause, but time and again lacked the final pass of the stage, a bad game. 1-1 was a fair stand-by.

finally, Preud’homme had his team at half-time clearly, the lesson is spelled out, as a Standard, took the handle of the knife once again in his hands, at the beginning of the second half. As a result, and after ten minutes of being in a new edge – Bastien was aangespeeld on the brink of sixteen, and was painted for the ball delicately into the corner. This is not a response to Ostend: it was just a ball in the deepest man, Sylla – Bodart and looked at it with her hands in her pockets. Midway through the second half was a new bad action of a Sane of the books, all the way to UNTIL. The defender stepped up too soon to Lestienne, who, with a simple mask and a plaatsbal his team is 1-3 and crying. Now, it seemed to really be on the wijfelende Sane was to be immediately changed.

the Standard was a little lower and saw it coming from a place of what UNTIL something else tried. The score was a little bit of detail: a drop ball and scored. Cimirot is still 1-4. The Standard further, as his leadership position and has 15 points to Oostende will miss the train to the end and the next week have a tough trip to Genk in front of us.