Adopted, then promulgated, the pension reform must now be implemented from September 1st. In the program ? A gradual increase in the legal retirement age, which will increase from 62 to 64 years. In this context and while the French are protesting at having to work two additional years, a large number of them are already spending much more time than expected at work. Indeed, according to recent figures, the French already naturally retire from the age of 63. What are the main reasons?

Among the major topics of this year, pension reform has emerged as a major topic of discussion, which has unleashed passions. However, on closer inspection, the legal retirement age is rarely really respected by workers, who tend to leave earlier or later than this limit. In this case, some leave earlier due to specific arrangements such as early retirement or long careers, while others prefer to grab a few extra years.

As revealed by our colleagues from BFMTV, the statistics of the National Old Age Insurance Fund (CNAV) do indeed evoke a real average retirement age of 62.9 years in 2021. This figure includes taking into account the early departures and shows an increase from 2020, when it was set at 62.8. We note, therefore, that this age has not stopped increasing since it was 62 years old in 2011 and especially 61 years old in 2006. In one decade, the effective retirement age has thus jumped by one year. whole. Enough to revive the debates around the pension reform when a natural extension of this retirement age to 64 years was planned by 2040.