This is the essential game for lovers of letters. Last April 13 was the day dedicated to Scrabble, also marking the 75th anniversary of its creation. Indeed, it is in the United States that the board game was developed by the architect Alfred Mosher Butts in 1948.

In homage to the date of birth of its founder, Le Scrabble has crossed generations and fashions without taking a single wrinkle. Consonant, vowel, letter counts double and word counts triple… these terms are now in the vocabulary of millions of followers around the world, and especially in France.

According to Christian Couvreur, the President of the French Scrabble Federation, there are more than 13,000 licensees within the club. From children to adults without forgetting our elders, this board game is the ideal entertainment to learn new words and enrich your vocabulary with each game. When some train with family or friends during their free time, others compete in major tournaments and championships as indicated on the federation’s online site.

From its beginnings to today, Scrabble is available in 30 languages ​​in 120 countries around the world. Like Ukraine, the last country to introduce the board game in 2006. Beyond borders, the rule is always the same: draw letters and compose a valid word to place on your game board in order to collect the most points.

Between general knowledge, spelling and strategies… All shots are allowed to win the game. For those who want to shine in future games, here are some anecdotes that will (surely) allow you to score points with your Scrabble opponents. Planet unveils the list in our slideshow.