For several weeks, many French gardens have been born. Tomatoes, peppers, zucchini, salads… dozens of herbs dot your garden and become more beautiful as the days go by. Despite everything, some inconveniences come to disturb the good flowering. Indeed, in recent years, climatic parameters, vital for plants and herbs, have disrupted their development. This year in particular, the lack of water for our groundwater is a more than aggravating consequence, especially for farmers cultivating in territories strongly affected by this near shortage.

In addition to climatic hazards, weeds are also a factor that destabilizes the growth of plants in our gardens. These are widely visible when walking through the alleys of our village but not only. They are also omnipresent and proliferate in all seasons in our gardens. Unfortunately, they are not the only ones. In the same category, we also find our “friends” the brambles. They are even considered to be the worst weeds to find in your garden.

Unpleasant and invasive are not the only pejorative adjectives to describe them. Indeed, their long stems can cause nuisance and at the same time be difficult to eliminate. Despite everything, there are many tricks to get rid of it. But, before that, another step not to be neglected comes into account: protection.

Before starting their elimination, it is essential to dress and equip yourself with clothing, which will provide you with sufficient and appropriate protection. Among this equipment, there are thick gloves, long sleeves or even a thick sweatshirt, allowing you to avoid any scratches or other stings. Even if it is no longer a secret for the many budding gardeners, some regret, after the fact, not having protected themselves sufficiently…

Before saying goodbye to them once and for all, discover these 9 tips to get rid of brambles in your garden, according to the Ctendance website.