The “non-gendered” categories at the Gemini Awards will have only lasted one year: the Academy of Canadian Cinema and Television announced Thursday the return of the female and male categories in acting during its next edition.

This decision comes following a “review of the categories by expert committees. e. s” and “several consultations carried out with its members and people in the industry”, we explain in a press release.

The Academy’s decision to opt for unisex categories was not unanimous in the industry. To justify her decision, the general director of the Quebec section of the Academy, Mara Gourd-Mercado, indicated that the overhaul was part of a “movement”, and that certain artists felt more comfortable competing in non-gendered categories. The latter left the Academy last May and now works for a documentary film festival in Copenhagen.

In September, Fabienne Larouche confirmed that she will not enter her STAT series in the 2024 Gemini race, citing “the heaviness of the exercise”, the costs and the “politics behind it”. Sophie Lorain and Alexis Durand-Brault, from the ALSO box, have decided to no longer register the shows for future editions of the event. Sophie Lorain had raised the fact that series broadcast online were at a disadvantage compared to those broadcast on traditional television due to the 20% points awarded for audience ratings.

The Academy also announced changes in pricing on Thursday (a 15% discount on early bird registrations) as well as a change in the compilation of final votes. The ratings weighting will drop from 20% to 10% in the Best Annual Drama Series and Best Daily Drama Series categories. For all other program categories, no audience rating will be counted.