Throughout your professional life, then, when you retire, your retirement account accompanies you in all your steps. It is thus a major adjunct to offer you full access to your personalized information. It is also possible to carry out all your simulations directly online. Thanks to this tool, you get a personalized follow-up of your situation and you can consult, in real time, most of your data. Explanations.

When you are working, your retirement account gives you access to a lot of essential information. It is therefore possible for you to consult your career statement, the details of your pension plans or your supplementary retirement savings contracts. In this space, you can carry out retirement simulations and estimates, which are available according to your age. From the age of 55, if you notice the slightest error in your information, you have the ability to claim a career correction from the pension plans concerned.

On your retirement account, you can make your retirement request online for all your activities on the “Request my retirement” service. The pension schemes associated with these activities are automatically displayed and you have the possibility to select from which schemes you wish to apply for your retirement. After your departure, you have the possibility of consulting all the information on the payment of your retirement, in particular your history, your certificates and your tax documents. Even abroad, you can also receive and send the documents online allowing you to obtain payment for your pension.