Retirement: 6 ideas received on the quarters


A few weeks before the presentation of the pension reform, the climate is particularly tense in France. Indeed, the unions strongly oppose it, as do most of the opposition parties in the National Assembly. One thing is certain, if adopted, this reform will continue to spill over for some time.

“The mass is said, Emmanuel Macron wants to go to the confrontation”, declared François Hommeril, the president of the CFE-CGC, in the columns of the World. This sentence was pronounced on Thursday, December 8, when Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne met with several union officials in order to discuss the said reform.

“All the trade union organizations of employees have expressed their opposition to the postponement of the legal retirement age… I do not understand the government’s stubbornness in wanting retirement at 65”, castigated, for his part, the deputy La France Insoumise of the Bouches-du-Rhône Manuel Bompard at the beginning of December on the microphone of RMC, affirming the rejection of this reform, and in particular of the decline in the age of departure, to the left of the Hemicycle.

According to a poll conducted by Odoxa for Abeilles Assurance between October 26 and November 3, 2022, 67% of French people think that the pension reform desired by the majority is not a good reform.

Thus, the people seem mostly opposed to this reform. But, on the current system, many questions still remain unanswered for many people. Sometimes, it is even received ideas that can be perceived as facts. Here are 6 preconceived ideas about quarterly retreats and explanations of what it is.