After the attack on the Referee: All of this year’s first League games in Greece cancelled


    in Protest against a RAID on one of their colleagues entered the Greek referee in the strike. The Greek football Federation said on Thursday all for the upcoming weekend, scheduled League games, before the to 11. In January duration of the winter break. Masked had beaten up the day before a Referee of the Superleague in front of his house in the Central Greek city of Larissa.

    The strike relates to the Superleague, it said in a statement to the referee that you sent to the football Association. “We Express our indignation,” they wrote. The Association said that the referees would have psychological reasons for their recusal, up to 4. January should take. The referee had been injured, according to hospital figures at the head and at the knee. He was discharged on Thursday from the hospital. Of the offenders, each track was missing. The Greek Association condemned “the heinous act”. The most important Greek teams criticized the attack.

    The Greek football is overshadowed for years by riots and violence around the courts. It was the 27. Attack on a referee since 2009, reported the Greek radio station Sport FM. The Greek Superleague was ready in March 2018, due to riots temporarily interrupted.