Emmanuel Macron likes to take his time. Flagship subject of the weeks following the famous controversial pension reform, the reshuffle should soon make sense. Even though the Prime Minister is the one who embodies the main figure in this potential ministerial change, others should also be concerned. But, once again, no one knows how to define the precise date of this remodeling. If the date of July 14, corresponding to the end of the “100 days” wanted by the Head of State and his television interview, the agenda is far from being defined. Another plausible but unlikely scenario: a reshuffle after the Olympic Games in the summer of 2024. In short, nothing is certain about the future of the current government.

The ambition and the main challenge of a reshuffle obviously remains an alliance with the right. Even if the idea of ​​a grand coalition is no longer on the agenda, thanks to a well-thought-out casting, which would offer key roles to useful Republicans, Emmanuel Macron hopes to facilitate the search for a majority text by text. In the forefront is the immigration text on which Gérard Darmanin has been working for months now without finding a way out. The LRs even threatened to table a motion of censure if the minister’s text did not meet their requirements. A very real threat since it could find the support of all opposition. It is therefore urgent and action is needed. Especially since a reshuffle will allow Emmanuel Macron to get rid of ministers who do not or no longer give satisfaction.

Finally, thanks to new faces and the discussions that these permutations arouse in public opinion, the President hopes, once and for all, to turn the page on pension reform. The majority speaks little about it, but it is one of the first objectives of the maneuver in order to relaunch this five-year term that is constantly called into question. Find out below which ministers are deemed to be out of danger in a possible reshuffle.