False rumor or real ambition? Monday June 26, 2023, President Emmanuel Macron, then traveling to Marseille for three days, returned to the suspicions of a reshuffle for July. Indeed, for several weeks, a change of government has been envisaged by the political sphere. However, no concrete information was relayed by the Head of State.

Rumors of a reshuffle began last April after a divergence of speech between Emmanuel Macron and his Prime Minister, Elisabeth Borne. Indeed, the speeches of the two elected officials no longer coordinated. Between pension reform, housing crisis or indictment of elected officials, a large number of ministers seem to be in the hot seat. However, on April 26, the head of government and the president presented the roadmap for “100 days of appeasement”. But as July 14 approaches, the end date of this project, rumors of a redesign are multiplying.

According to information gathered by RTL, Emmanuel Macron was already thinking of a reshuffle for June 20, 2023. Indeed, his agenda being more clear at this time, the president did not want to wait for the end of the “100 days”. However, the deadlines were considered too tight. But other members of the macronie evoked a second possible date. From now on, the latter would think of the beginning of July to make this change.

Apart from Elisabeth Borne, several ministers are considered to be on the way out. Indeed, this is the case of Eric Dupond-Moretti, currently indicted for illegal taking of interest, or even of Pap Ndiaye, deemed too discreet. Nevertheless, Emmanuel Macron’s visit to Marseille seems to call these rumors into question. Indeed, the latter is notably accompanied by the Minister of Justice, but also by the Minister of National Education and Youth, or even Olivier Klein, Minister of Housing, also in the hot seat. Would the presence of these political figures deny the rumours?

During his interview with the newspaper La Provence on June 25, 2023, Emmanuel Macron responded indirectly to rumors of a reshuffle. Indeed, the latter said that Elisabeth Borne will present several reforms very soon. Moreover, the latter added that the Prime Minister has all “[his] confidence since she is at the head of the government”.

“We will have in the first fifteen days of July to present the new public finance strategy, the progress on immigration and ecological planning and Elisabeth Borne will do it”, he then announced. This precision seems to deny the rumors of an upcoming redesign in early July. Moreover, the president seems to praise the merits of the Prime Minister in his interview with the regional daily.

“The Prime Minister is implementing the policy to which I have been committed to the French for more than a year. We have a record of which we have nothing to be ashamed of”, he then continued. He then reaffirmed his support for the Prime Minister. “For more than a year, Élisabeth Borne has worked to implement all of this in a determined, courageous manner at the head of a committed government with a relative majority but which has been able to build alliances”, he added. .

The president therefore seems to praise the merits of Elisabeth Borne and intends to let her complete the “100 days” of action and appeasement of the government. Indeed, “I gave an intensification program, the hundred days, which it is implementing”, he concluded. So would this be confirmation that a rework won’t happen or just that it will be postponed? Case to follow.