in Between, Jacques, Vermeire, and Ruben Van Gucht, as it will not be likely to do so. The comedian, tells of one day in the time of the year is All that it will be ready for a tough legal battle to fight with the sports journalist, who bijkluste as a principal in zaalshows.

Vermeire, began in the fall of 2018, with a tour of Flanders with the zaalshow < / I>, From 7 to 77. , in which Van Gucht, was acting as a principal. That co-operation is ran, however, was never realized because of a financial dispute. “There are some things that have happened where I have really worn herself. Never experienced this in our environment,” says Vermeire. “I’m talking about the specific demands that are suddenly placed a threat of a boycott.” Thus, the relationship between the two men completely corrupted. “If I was still with Reuben, want to talk about? No, it doesn’t interest me in the bag for more. Or you can wait, I will distinguish, as I am not vindictive. If he would now do would be to call it, then I’ll listen. And my thought also. However, there is a little bit broken.”

So, the dispute is declared to be the court of law. “I’ve had that all my life, haven’t done this before, but now that I have passion to full, you’re about to be an emotional Vermeire. “I’m going down to the bone. I have not been asked to make a tough legal battle to do that, right? However, if someone is on my face is true, I’m not going to even try to discuss it with the potential for a new beat. It has been a nightmare for me. Who are the lawyers, the letters, and everything else that comes with it. From march until now, I’ve got bad sleep. It is so hard. I swear to god it’s you. Then again, I’m going to down to the bone. All I have there are seven attorneys on the. I can’t even járen continue to do so. I love that it is affordable, right? We’re going to get this out-véchten.”

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