The French love their regional specialties. Among them, the cassoulet retains, year after year, a place of choice, especially in the South-West, the native land of this rich and comforting dish.

According to legend, cassoulet originated in the town of Castelnaudary, in Aude. This stew of white beans, duck, bacon and sausages was born during the siege of the city during the Hundred Years War. We had then gathered all the food available to simmer the most energetic dish for the soldiers who were about to leave for the front.

It owes its name to the container in which it is made: the cassole.

Today, you can find cassoulet in many supermarkets in France, in the delicatessen section or canned.

But alas, like most prepared meals, cassoulet may be subject to a recall procedure.

Since June 17, a box marketed in all stores of the Carrefour brand has been recalled in store.

The reason ? A “microbiological stability defect”, tells us Rappel Conso. This is a manufacturing or packaging defect, more precisely, which can cause micro leaks. In short, the container is not secure. “These products have been manufactured and/or stored under conditions that do not allow satisfactory health guarantees to be provided. These products are therefore likely to present a danger to the health of consumers.

Check your cupboards carefully: the product could therefore be dangerous if it is consumed.

Here is the information to identify the lot.

All Carrefour stores in France are affected.

You have until July 17 to bring the can back to the store and receive a refund. For more information on this recall procedure, you can contact the contact number: 08 05 50 008.