You can recognize them by their slim waist and their yellow and black stripes. Although harmless by nature, wasps can become annoying when they invite themselves to our meals in the sun. During a picnic with friends, a family barbecue or a simple breakfast on the terrace…

Their presence is not always compatible with a convivial and relaxed moment. Rather than killing them, drive them away using safe, natural remedies like lavender, sage, tomato plants, but also garlic, cloves, vinegar, and coffee grounds.

Certain precautions should be taken if these flying insects are used to bothering you during your summer outings. First, avoid sudden movements: you risk getting stung if the wasp feels threatened. Also, keep your table away from flowerbeds, fruit trees or garbage cans: they regularly walk around in these places.

Finally, be careful of the open cans you leave lying around: a wasp may have fallen inside while trying to drink your favorite soda. Prefer transparent glasses to avoid any problem.

Wasps will be more attracted to you if you wear a floral or woody scent, or if you wear one of their favorite colors: neon pink, red, yellow… They really like bright colors and floral patterns.

To keep them away from you, choose an outfit based on green, beige or white… which do not attract wasps, but can unfortunately make you more interesting for bees or spiders. Finally, certain smells and certain foods are also very popular with wasps. Check out ten of them in our slideshow below.