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records are made to be broken and history to be rewritten. And when you can achieve both things with a personal motivation, the ecstasy sports car, it can be absolute. For Jon Rahm , follow in the footsteps of Seve Ballesteros has been his obsession since he became professional; it is not only looking to win tournaments, but to do so in the same places as his idol. And, in addition, to leave a legacy to the Spanish golf near as possible to the spaniard. This morning, in Ohio, has managed to clamber on top of their sport at the global level after winning the Memorial with nine strokes under par, three ahead of american Ryan Palmer.

When you have these sticks with twenty years can be thought of two things: or utters a number one in power or a braggart. And in the case of basque, the facts have been giving the reason from the beginning. With the milestones of Pedrena in the head, it was getting closer to them with impudence. So, he won for the first time in the united States 22 years , two after that I did the genius, but surpassed in effectiveness as was adding european dates. His dominance in the Old Continent is so brutal (he has already 6 victories, including three Rolex Series), who only needed forty tournaments to get it, while your idol said 52.

Besides, with his victory in the last Open of Spain became the third Spanish to defend the title successfully, something that he never achieved the mountain. But Rahm has already clear that what is important is to achieve the milestones of Ballesteros, although not always able to overcome them. That’s why we gave so much importance to become number one european in Dubai the last I November, even if you already have 25 years, 6 more than its referent when it did in 1976 . And yesterday, when he became world number one four years before that his idol (29) took a giant step in your self-esteem. “I’ve always said that it is to me a motivation and a pride to follow in the footsteps of Severiano —stated with sincerity— and I’d like nothing more than to be able to leave an imprint on the Spanish golf as the that he bequeathed to us”.


Though the age difference is not coindieron in the fields, Jon has made clear that it would never have dedicated to this sport if it hadn’t been for his influence. “My parents started playing the game because they attended the Ryder Cup in Valderrama, and as a result of that we aficionamos butt; I saw all the videos of Seve, and I imagined achieving the same successes that”, he continued sincerando. And with the look in the large, always sideways, the first in the ranking of universal was an even greater challenge than the previous ones. “If you look at the deeds that still had not matched any Spanish the most eye-catching is the number one. Even in the majors have been approached Chema Olazabal and Sergio Garcia, but until now, none had been the best in the world,” he explained with delight.

In effect, Seve won the throne with the April 27, 1986 and yesterday, 12.502 days later, it was vizcaino who did it. He had already stalked in 2018 (after winning the Career Builder Challenge) and at the beginning of 2020 when he finished second in the World cup in Mexico. But, in a paragon of maturity, didn’t wanted to obsessing with getting to the top at any price. “The ranking is very complicated and you can not control you -he explains – because to arrive at the top must be a consequence of the good game. That is to say, that what there is to do is be up at the tournaments and when the time is right, attack him”.

In honor of the truth, it should be noted that Ballesteros could not have access before the throne because the listings are established in 1986, in a moment in which already claimed four big in his record; have been established before, he would have gotten it with more urgency. Even so, it preserved for 61 weeks with great success. And that model of perseverance is the one that has had Rahm as fixing in recent times. “I’m not going to deny that at the beginning I felt very depressed and let my feelings afloraran more of the account, which had an impact on the results -it is admitted – but as I’ve gained experience I’ve come to realize that it’s not worth anything to force things; let things emerge by themselves and be aware of the failures of us are going to get them all. It makes No sense to get angry for a blow bad, but keep looking forward and concentrate on improving in the next.”

that’s why, after a few complicated – hole final , Jon was able to keep calm and the horizon fixed in their real goal: to reach the world number one already out on its own merits or demerits of the rivals. And if he can put complicated the day, much worse was given to Rory McIlroy. The irish, who defended the position, he had to be among the first 30 for which the English were bound to win the Memorial; by not doing so, Jon could finish even second to lift the scepter. And with two options open, the Spanish took the first. The soul of Seve he was calling.

The PGA has posted this video of the incredible coup of Jon Rahm in the hole 16 with which practically terminated, with a birdie, the tournament and the world number one. Interestingly, as shown in another video in the thread, Tiger Woods sank from that same site where he won the tournament in 2012.