Donald Trumps of the world is simple – much simpler than the reality. This is reflected in all his decisions, including the decision now, the American troops out of Syria to withdraw.

In Trumps world the situation looks so: The American soldiers had only been in Syria to defeat the “Islamic state” (which was, of course, represented by members of his government are also different), IS to be defeated, so there is no reason to get involved there.

But Trump changed the balance of forces in the Region in favor of Russia, the Assad regime, Iran, and Turkey, and to the detriment of those Kurds, who have contributed significantly to the roll back of the IS on the ground. Them hard times are imminent: The Turkish President Erdogan will now soon have a free Hand to proceed against them.

Russia is one to watch simply, as its relations with Ankara’s strengths and at the same time, its Position in Syria to solidify. Of trump’s decisions, once again, other than America and its allies have the advantage.