An artist as famous as it is mysterious. Mylène Farmer is the subject of a new documentary this Tuesday, June 20, presented by the host Jérôme Anthony on W9. A portrait of the famous singer who is touring stadiums this summer as part of her show Nevermore 2023.

At the heart of L’énigme Mylène Farmer, directed by Laureline Danguy des Déserts, the show traces the career of the Canadian star since her debut in the 80s. “She is this singer who pushes the limits, who reveals herself in her texts committed, his cinematographic clips and his piquant interviews”, summarizes in part the documentary. With her singular voice and her daring style, the singer is raised to the rank of icon of French song.

The sales figures for her albums still testify to the incredible notoriety and fortune of Mylène Farmer. “With 30 million records sold and 21 Top 50 singles, she is a star throughout Europe and the United States,” reads the synopsis. Despite her discretion and the most intimate secrets of her life, the actress and performer gives herself in depth to music.

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Without filter, Mylène Farmer evokes singular themes: love, sex, death or religion. She also plays the card of provocation, as in her song Provided that they are sweet, released in 1988. For the author Gwendal Fossois, “the game of the text and its poetry, regardless of the artistic judgment, serves a message that is much stronger,” he told Planet. “Openness to sexual freedom and one’s own orientation goes far beyond just a song about sex.”

This sulphurous song was a huge success and remained in the Top 50 for 23 weeks, including 5 weeks in first place. But, do you really know all the songs of Mylène Farmer? Think you’re a real fan and his clips hold no secrets for you? Planet invites you to test its musical quiz: bring a paper and a pencil, warm up your voice and play the music!