the PSG coach Thomas Tuchel took over Tuesday night time for his opponent to Club Brugge and down. In spite of the 5-0 from the first leg and gave the box to his team, it is at times difficult, has been at Jan Breydel. Wednesday at 21 h following the second attempt at the Parc des Princes.

Paris-Saint-Germain-06/11 21:00 Club Brugge-Click here to view live “Club Brugge is a very brave team who are not afraid to press the issue”, says Tuchel. “They’re playing very, very aggressive, and their style is a little weird. A little bit crazy, in fact. They’re not playing in a highly structured way and from anywhere on the field, one by one. That is a very special place at this level.”

Nevertheless, it won the PSG 5-0, in the Jan Breydel. “In the end, we have been in the game and can adjust to stay calm, and be very precise to play with. We’ll have Wednesday to do the same. I suspect that they are for sure a few minutes on high pressure, but Real Madrid were not in for 90 minutes on end. I think that we won’t be able to, but it all depends on ourselves.”

“this Past weekend, our lesson’s learned”

“well, We’ll have it,” said Tuchel. “We have to prepare for all possible scenarios, and decision-making. In Just which FOLLOWING last Friday’s loss to ed.) we have been taught a lesson.”

That embarrassing defeat at Dijon last weekend, and came hard. “Everyone was very disappointed. We are lost at last in the rankings, and it is very hard for me to accept,” said the German coach. “We have had a few days to get some things, tactical, and mental development. In our second half we have to Dijon and the chance to get into the match. It was our own fault. FOLLOWING the first team match and lose it if you have a favorite you are. This can be done in the game, but not so for the second half. We started off in a bad way, and it’s done. On Wednesday, we need to be better, but for now, we need to be critical and to improve. That is our responsibility.”

Photo: AFP < / P> “If it were up to us, we can win every game”

In Bruges-it was not due to an injury, but Tuesday night was allowed to Idrissa Gueye in the out to explain. The field is found in the Senegalese Wednesday, fellow Diatta and Diagne, team mates in the national team. “I’ve had a lot of contact with them,” said Gueye. “I know they’re both very good, and we get along great. But on Wednesday we’ll play against each other, and my guess is that we’ll just have to go win it.”

The pressure is on PSG’s great to finally get to the Champions League final to win it. Know, also, Gueye, even though it’s only his first season in France. “I feel a great motivation in this group to be something special to be done, but we need to get the match in each match and keep track of it,” he says. “We have to prepare well for Wednesday. The Club is a squad with lots of potential. During the first leg, they have a lot of problems are caused by us. But if it were up to us, we can win every game.”

That was last Sunday against Dijon, the last in the state. Gueye did not have a particular explanation for the defeat. “We’re always trying to win us football games. However, every team will now win the FOLLOWING. Therefore, it is not an easy one to play. The coach will be there after the match and asked about it and my guess is that it’s not going to happen. It is up to us to remain focused and, for the next few matches to show what we can do.”

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