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“[With my sweater], I can go up the mountain or go cross-country skiing. And I can keep it until supper. I will still be well dressed. »

By giving this example, Michèle Bastien, one of the five co-founders of Parmi, illustrates what, in her opinion, distinguishes the new sports and outdoor clothing company from its competitors. How ? By offering many pieces of merino wool clothing, a material that breathes well and does not retain odors, and by creating adequate cuts for both a mountain bike ride and a day at the office.

By bringing to market sweaters, pants and even a denim coat, which isn’t quite denim, in a fabric that doesn’t leave any traces of sweat, Among wants sports enthusiasts to be able to use the same clothing for several occasions and limit the overflow of drawers and cupboards. “We aim to decategorize an industry that has become increasingly specific and very niche in terms of use,” adds her twin sister, Véronik. It’s as if the outdoor industry had taken an overspecialized tangent, which leads the consumer to have a sweater for each activity and to accumulate the products. It comes to limit people to try a new activity under the pretext that they do not have the [appropriate clothing]. »

The terms “responsible drinking” were mentioned a number of times during the interview, during which the two entrepreneurs wore a signed Parmi sweater, a garment that one of them had every intention of keeping to go. jogging later that afternoon. Important criterion: the same garment must be able to have three different uses, hiking, cycling and aperitif with friends, for example. “It has to tick three boxes,” summarizes Véronik Bastien.

Among, whose offices are located in Mont-Tremblant where products can be tested every day, launched its first clothes on the web last March. The company, co-founded by the Bastien sisters as well as by businessman Luc Sabbatini, Patrick St-Denis (formerly of North Face) and Maxime Boissonneault (G-Soft), currently has about ten employees.

In addition to being offered online on the Parmi website, the clothes are sold in six stores, including Oberson and Vélo Cartel in Quebec City. According to Michèle and Véronik Bastien, more and more companies that have been selling camisoles for yoga for years, for example, now insist that this same garment can have several uses. “But the product does not change, the logo does not change, illustrates Véronik Bastien. We decided to come up with an offer that is designed for that, for multiple uses. »

Designed here, the clothes are then designed in Portugal, a place chosen by the two entrepreneurs, because it is not far from fabric suppliers and a market that they would like to conquer one day.

Although they are at the head of a very young company, the co-founders are already looking further ahead for their versatile clothing. While the site currently offers both unisex and men’s and women’s items, clothing for teenagers will soon be appearing. They also want to be more active in the Western Canadian market and in Ontario, where they already make 20% of their sales. And the United States will become a destination.