Interview – “is Probably Adele will increase somewhat”Susanne Maurer of Adimed, center for obesity and metabolic medicine in Winterthur, helps for the past 20 years, Overweight in losing weight. The Doctor explains why it is so difficult to lose weight permanently, and that it helps a bit to take off. Anke Fossgreen1 Kommentar1Die British singer Adele Adkins has been known always to her figure, as here in 2016. In the last few months she has lost about 45 pounds. Photo: Getty

what take Obese best?

This is individually very different. We can measure how much the weight reduction in the Individual is at all possible. It depends on the fat mass someone is carrying.

What do you advise, if someone wants to lose weight like Adele 30 percent?

We will show the possibilities. Through a change in Diet and exercise tend to lose 10 to 15 percent weight. You take drugs – and since there are in the meantime quite good -up to a 20 percent cut possible. And in the case of a surgery, such as gastric bypass, it is an average of 30 percent.

So a surgery helps the best?

it depends on how overweight someone was before. That obese people lose weight so much that you important Person have a Body Mass Index (BMI)* of a normal weight, is generally unlikely. But this is also unnecessary, because even with a BMI of 28, which means actually Overweight, you can look slim.

Susanne Maurer, Doctor and nutrition expert,photo: PD

Is it unhealthy to lose weight?

This is possible, if you lose too much muscle mass. As you can nutrients today, but through targeted movement, and the use of certain proteins and micro in a low calorie diet against the control. We recommend, however, not more than 500 grams per week.

How the with the yo-yo effect? Will Adele stay thanks to the Sirtfood diet slim?

most Likely, you will grow something, even if it continues. This is regardless of the respective diet and all so slimming. At the beginning of shed the pounds pretty quickly, then it will be hard.


This is because the body to adapt to the hunger mode. At the beginning you burn for example, when Running maybe 600 calories, after a few weeks, for the same distance only 300.

which means That difficult to have Overweight little Chance to be thin?

You must have not a BMI of 20. At the age of about 45 years of age, a BMI is slightly over 25 with a longer life. To lose some weight, can big bring health benefits. There are also Overweight, are very healthy. Since, however, it is important that you move.

* Body Mass Index (BMI): is Calculated from the body weight (kilograms, kg) and the square of body height (meters, m). A BMI of 18.5 to 24.9 kg/m2 is considered normal weight.

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