Interview with top brewer – “Panaché? Prefer a glass of water in between,”national Council of Nicolo Paganini has just been elected President of the Swiss brewery Association elected. We asked him, how he drinks his beer the most.Daniel Böniger1 Kommentar1Wenn meat comes to the plate, and Nicolo Paganini often a more aromatic beer into the glass.Photo: Urs Jaudas

In what age you had your first drink?

Oh, since I was about 17 years of age. Someone from the gymnastics club celebrated after the Training on Friday night for his birthday and donated a keg of beer. And because I was the Youngest, I had to pin this beer. Clear that I have tried.

Were you previously on the foam of father’s beer sipping?

My father drank only wine. But the Grandfather had me try it with 10 years of foam. That was in the Restaurant Post in the Bishop’s cell, and there sat he on Saturday at the regulars ‘ table.

How to bring up children in terms of alcohol?

you should point out of course on the dangers of Excess, but bans are, in my opinion, makes little sense. I also believe that the personal environment of young adults probably has more influence than the opinion of parents.

Young drink less than…

The lower blood-alcohol limit in the road transport and the social change away from the traditional evening beer in the local eatery are the facts. Nevertheless, beer remains part of our culture of consumption – the Per capita consumption is lately namely stable. Determined festivals and Events have in the last few years as places for the consumption of Beer in importance.

“I like the bananig-spicy taste of wheat beer.”

Is alcohol-free beer is an Option for you?

If I have to drive a car, Yes. But alcohol is a good flavor carrier, and therefore, tastes me personally, the “right” beer better.

Hand on heart, what do you think of Panaché?

I am against dictating to the people how they should drink their beer – personally, I’d rather drink a glass of water in between and leave a round of Beers.

Light or dark?

is Rather bright… But it depends on the occasion. Lager beer is a good thirst quencher and fits, for example, to the oscillating. To the grill it will be a more hopped IPA. I drink like a wheat beer, because I like the bananig-spicy taste, where I will feel full faster. And a strong eingebrautes beer in the style of a Belgian Tripel to a Ragout with Spaetzli is also not to be despised.

And when must it be in spite of everything wine?

If my wife would like to have a drink with me a glass of red wine. It’s not that I like wine, I used to work in the wine trade.

do you Drink beer out of a can?

This can happen, for example, when I sit the car on the way home from the Session in the dining. The can is not perhaps so significant as the bottle. Because the drink air and light is protected, the can is actually a ideal beverage packaging.

“It’s no good beer will be the year, so without tuning festivals, football tournaments and Open-Air Festivals.”

do you Believe that during the crisis, we will drink less, or go from a higher consumption?

It is determined to be not a good beer year, without rubber solid, without any major football tournaments, without the Open-Air-Festivals; also the failures in the gastronomy, we will see. As it helps little if the paragraph about the detail of trade increases.

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