Christopher Andersen, Author, also explained why Kate Middleton did not welcome Meghan Markle as a newcomer

Prince William was initially hesitant about Prince Harry’s rare statement regarding then-girlfriend Meghan Markle.

Christopher Andersen, bestselling author, made the claim in his book “Brothers and Wives” titled “Brothers and Wives”, which details the private lives of William, Kate and Harry. 

Andersen describes how William, second in line to inherit the throne of England, was nervous about his younger brother telling the media to back off in 2016, when the news broke about his affair with the American actress. The 37-year old said that he was concerned about the safety of the star because she had been subject to “waves of abuse and harassment.”

Andersen said that it was interesting to observe the differences in the handling of the press by Harry and William. “Harry was the one that went to William in his six-week breakup [before they got married] and said, ‘What are you doing? Are you crazy? He did. It took Kate 10 years to find her prince, and they are a wonderful match.

He shared that Harry’s relationship to Meghan was “a whirlwind romantic relationship.” William, who is always cautious, was the one to say, “Wait, take it slow. “Don’t rush. There’s a scene where Harry declares, “Who the hell are you?”

Andersen claimed that Harry supported Harry in issuing the statement but did so “reluctantly”. He said that there had been resistance within the palace for years to taking a public position in such matters. William quickly understood that Harry was simply trying to protect his love from the cruel paparazzi.

Harry and Markle (40), met blindly in 2016. They announced their engagement in 2017. They were married in 2018.

Andersen stated that Harry had hoped his sister-in law would openly embrace his new bride. Middleton, like her husband was cautious about the new member of the British royal families.

He said, “She hesitated.” She has a tight circle of friends. She does not allow many people in. She is charming and intelligent, according to all accounts. She is also suspicious of strangers. She resisted meeting Meghan. That confused Meghan at the beginning, I believe. It must have been insulting. They did manage to get along. They were known at first as “The Fab Four”. But, things have changed.

The Duke and Duchess announced in early 2020 that they would be stepping down as senior royal family members. They also cited British media’s racist attitudes and intrusions towards the former “Suits star”.

Andersen said that Harry’s father Prince Charles was “furious” about “Megxit.” In March 1993, Harry spoke out about his disillusionment with Charles in a televised interview.

Andersen stated that Charles plans to streamline the monarchy once he is king. “He will be taking some minor royals off of the payroll. My understanding is that Harry and Meghan were to have been part of the core group that would lead the monarchy into the 21st Century. But Prince Harry said he isn’t interested.

He said that Charles would probably not give royal titles [his grandchildren] Archie or Lili.” “It’s unfortunate, because this is one thing that really hurt Meghan Markle. To see that her cousins (Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis) are all princes or princesses but not her children. That confused me. They won’t get any titles, which will make it even more painful as we move down the road.

A spokesperson for Buckingham Palace stated to Fox News that they don’t comment on such books. Kensington Palace, which is the home of William, has a spokesperson. Middleton, 39 and 39 respectively, did not respond to Fox News’ request for comment. Fox News reached out to Clarence House spokesperson, who represents Charles and Camilla. A spokesperson for Clarence House, which represents Charles and Camilla’s households, told The New York Post that this was fiction and it wasn’t worth any further comment. Fox News also requested comment from a spokesperson for Sussex and Duchess of Sussex, but they didn’t respond immediately.

Andersen will not change the claims he made about himself in his book.

Andersen, who previously wrote several books about the royal family, said that “I have resources that I’ve been tending too for 50 years.”

Andersen claimed that Harry was furious at William’s questioning of Markle about Markle’s speed before they announced their engagement. Page Six was told by Andersen that William believed that Markle was an “opportunist”.

Andersen revealed that William and his wife were also “alarmed” at the tell-alls Markle’s half-brother, half-sister, and father gave to the tabloids.

According to one source, a horrified William told a confidant that he didn’t know what to believe. His father told him that Harry’s relationship to Markle was “like nothing I’d ever seen” and that he felt like he had lost his best friend.

The Duke and Duchess moved to Montecito in California with their first child after announcing that they would be stepping down as senior royals in 2020. The couple welcomed their second child on June 4, a daughter named Lilibet Diana MountbattenWindsor. Named in tribute to Lilibet Diana Mountbatten-Windsor, the late mother of Harry and Lilibet, it is also a tribute to Lilibet.