A ‘Beverly Hills 90210’ alum stated that she wants to be able dress’sexy and ‘conservative’

Tori Spelling will be under the knife.

The 48 year-old actress was open about her past experiences with breast implant. She now says she will continue her cosmetic journey and get them updated.

The ” Beverly Hills 90210″ alum was asked for information about her upcoming procedure during a SiriusXM appearance.

She shared that “I set an appointment yesterday” and noted that she would have surgery on February 27.

Spelling stated that they don’t know what is in the implants until they actually get there. This routine maintenance will be part of the implant replacement process. “… The surgeon will remove them, clean it up and then put in new implants.

According to the actress, her surgeon suggested two different types of implants. One was a more prominent shape while the other was more modest.

She said, “I didn’t know [what]] either [was],” she. He said that you needed some side boob, as you are projecting too much out front.

The two of them began to talk about how her new implants would affect her wardrobe.

She told her doctor that she wanted to dress sexy but she also wanted to be comfortable in conservative clothes. He suggested she stick with moderate shaping.

Spelling explained that although the sizing she is getting is slightly larger, it will not look like it. “They’ll look smaller and more full-figured.” Spelling said. Spelling explained that her breasts would appear wider.

Spelling answered Spelling’s question about whether she would need a breast-lift procedure.

He continued, “I need a lift,” he stated. They lift them up and measure the place where they should be. He’s like, “They’re falling here. They should be here.”

She also gave details about her scarring, explaining that her first scar was “under my navel,” while her second scar is “on top of my nipple” and how this time it will be “on the top part. No anchor scar.”