According to the profit slump in the parcel business, Deutsche Post is turning the screw on price. For domestic shipping of packages weighing up to five kilograms from January to 7,49 Euro and 50 cents more to be due and payable as of the Bonn-based logistics group, announced on Friday. This applies to shipments that were stamped in a branch. Online prepaid packages up to five pounds cost still 5,99 Euro.

Also, all the other prices for packages and packages, including prices for online pre-franked shipments remained unchanged. Last Post of 2014 had raised the prices for packages up to five pounds.

the group chief Executive Frank Appel had already announced higher prices for parcel shipping in Germany. Due to the excessive cost of the former growth was brake carriers to Profit. Appel, has taken over the management of the area, want to get him back on track. However, the remediation costs once the Post is about money to send officials to early retirement. Alone with 392 million euros, the restoration proposed in the third quarter to beech.