Presidential campaign: what if Valérie Pécresse paid nothing at all?


Where is Valérie Pécresse in her financial “debacle”? On April 10, following the results of the first round of the presidential election, the Republican candidate, who had won less than 5% of the vote, launched an appeal for donations. It is necessary, according to her, to help him to reimburse his campaign expenses, which are not compensated by the State when a candidate obtains less than 5% of the votes.

The candidate, who would have taken out a personal loan of 5.1 million euros to finance her campaign, therefore appealed to the generosity of her supporters.

And despite the controversy (the personal assets of Valérie Pécresse amounting to nearly 5 million euros), it would seem that her initiative has reaped its fruits. Le Figaro thus reveals that 2.5 million euros have already been collected, in just over a month. Above all, the donation campaign, which was to end on May 15, has been extended until the 31st of the month.

And that’s not all! The candidate also received a boost from her party, Les Républicains, which took over 25% of her debt, for an amount of 1.2 million euros.

“By adding the amount of donations, LR’s contribution and the lump sum reimbursement of 600,000 euros, the candidate is therefore less than a million euros today to repay all of her personal loan”, specifies Capital .

The former candidate could therefore end up having nothing to pay for her own loved one. However, she had undertaken, if necessary, to personally assume her campaign debt.

The LR party should largely recover, financially, from this failed campaign, Valérie Pécresse’s entourage told Capital magazine. Politically, on the other hand, it is another matter…