Isabelle Adjani: what does she look like today?


We cannot say that the actress Isabelle Adjani is one of those who appear all the time in the cinema. Over the course of his career, the 66-year-old star has been able to be more discreet, even if it means being forgotten sometimes. A media absence which participated in creating a myth around her. Perceived as inaccessible, the star, Caesarized five times since her debut, is all the more talked about when she agrees to return to the big screen.

A rarity that she cultivates as she had entrusted to our colleagues at Vanity Fair in January 2022. not disappear. This result makes me smile on the sly. It’s not so bad, right? For an actress today, the extended obligation to appear paradoxically makes her exist on the screen despite the flow of disembodiing images, available everywhere and all the time”, she confided and continued: “This asset is not something rational; a medium actress in the all-digital era has nothing to do with those who are called muses or “machine phenomenon”, “today’s star” and so on…”.

If Isabelle Adjani had become increasingly rare, it would seem that her agenda is now very busy. In 2021, she had shot in François Ozon’s film, Peter von kan. A return that prompted him to accept several other film projects. “Since then, I haven’t stopped! I’m finishing an extraordinary shoot with Josée Dayan, a Diane de Poitiers, who already means as much to me as La Reine Margot. This “I like to read love letters others. This reading meeting, if it borders on the mysterious, is almost poetry”. will be a two-part film for France 2. What boosts me, in amphetamine mode, is the work of others when it is sublime“, she declared to our colleagues.

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