He felt, “as a car to have me.” But the fact that he is an iron man, proved to be, Andreas Luthe, even after the end of the game. “I bit my tongue. A piece is torn off and is hanging down,“ said the goalkeeper of FC Augsburg and gave, in spite of this unusual injury diligent Interviews.

Bundesliga round DISPLAY

“This is not for’s TV-image,” said Luthe, who had played at the 0:1 (0:0)-defeat in Leverkusen after a violent collision with Kevin Volland for another hour. And detail told instead exactly of his problems. “I’ve always spits out blood again”, he said: “at some point it has stopped bleeding. But if I suck, still.“

throughout The season, plays the 31-Year-old, who succeeded him in the fifth round, Fabian Giefer and for the first time in his career, master goalkeeper in the first League, due to a broken finger with a Special glove. On Saturday, he had played more, “because the Doctors have everything checked for and I knew everything. My name, as it stands, and so on.“ But of course this is all “not for the faint of heart”. Luthe is the slightly different professional. As co-founder of the Association “In safe Hands”, he promotes the Integration of disadvantaged young people. He has studied computer science, philosophy, and advertising in an Internet Video for a vegan diet.

The sporting Situation of the FCA is now precarious. And that’s exactly why the Schwaben players of the caliber of Luthe need. In the last seven Games of the FCA without a victory, since the four without a point, because you have to speak of a crisis. “We need to see an enormous, otherwise it will be really explosive,” said the former national player André Hahn. “We now need urgently points, otherwise it will be a very unpleasant winter break.”