Since the beginning of the legislature of the National Assembly, we have counted on the fingers of one hand the number of elected Macronists who have expressed a vote “against”, or who have abstained. The President of the Republic indeed enjoys a majority certainly relative within the Hemicycle, but very faithful… For how long? According to information from BFMTV, a WhatsApp group bringing together 25 Renaissance deputies aims to thwart certain aspects of the pension reform presented by Elisabeth Borne on January 23 in the Council of Ministers.

Among the members of this coalition, we find the deputy Stella Dupont, a former socialist, or Ludovic Mendes, a former member of Jeunes avec Macron. The latter is at the origin of this WhatsApp loop, “born during the budget debates last fall”, specifies the continuous information channel. “We are neither in the sling nor in the fight. We are quite simply carriers of fights and people who are not represented enough”, affirms the elected official. The primary purpose of this group conversation was to enable newly elected colleagues to be able to “defend their ideas”.

“We are not Playmobil deputies,” retorts one of the deputies who is a member of the group. “If we want to put a helm on the left and we really need it, we had to organize ourselves. There is an issue in rebalancing the discourse”, confides another, still with our colleagues from BFMTV.

Together, these elected Macronists tabled several amendments to make the postponement of the legal retirement age fairer. What are they ?

To modify the government’s bill, the said elected officials have tabled amendments in particular to highlight “holes in the racket”, considers one of them. Thus, these deputies wish, for example, to broaden the conditions for the redemption of terms, internships or studies. The possibility of reducing by six months the minimum period before resuming an activity with a former employer was also mentioned.

Other ideas, however, happen to be much less consensual… What are they?

Other amendments tabled are likely to displease the presidential majority. This is the case of the agreement of additional quarters to women who have children… But also of an amendment wishing to backpedal on the retirement of people who started working between 16 and 18 years old. Indeed, some of these workers will be obliged to contribute for 44 years, and not 43 like the rest of French employees.

One of the members of the WhatsApp group gladly defines this buckle as “the little pebble in the shoe of the majority”. Before concluding: “We are here to improve the text and make it fairer”.